A day full of art. I mean, different perspectives of arts

When I was riding on the way to my French class, I found one “graffiti” of the street artist Kidult , I didn’t have my camera in that moment, so I planed to came back later to register that manifest/protest.

My plan for the afternoon was to visit the so much criticized exhibition “ The Complete Spot Paintings” by Damien Hirst at the Gagosian Gallery and after to visit the Henri Cartie Bresson Foundation currently exhibiting – “HCB and Paul Strand Mexico 1932-1934”.

My day was really intriguing. First off all I registered the “graffiti” that the infamous Kidult did, before someone erase it. This is part of one protest that the artist has been doing vandalizing stores in Paris, in this case it was  just a normal writing on the wall, but Kidult have been leaving his “trademark” on some flagships as Collete, Hermes and Luis Vuitton.

My plan was interrupted by an unexpected rain, that resulted in a purchase of a book on the art of Rembrant for the bargain of 7 euros. When the rain stopped I continued riding my bike to  Gagosian Gallery to check on Damien Hirst’s exhibithion. Inside the gallery  it is forbidden to take pictures, but the one that I did on the Gagosian display was enough to represent the concept, which is simultaneously  happening on the eleven Gagosian galleries around the world , there are more then 300 frames with the same subject, on Hirst’s work since 1986. This exhibition prepares the public for a major retrospective about Hirst that will be held on Tate Modern soon this year.

Dimien Hirst is the wealthiest living artist and the most prominent member of the group YBA (Yong British Artist), death is one of his central themes.  For my luck I have some pictures of his work that I took last year in Brazil at the Biennial of Arts of Sao Paulo.  These, in my opinion, justify the importance of Hirst’s work.

Dimien Hirst at Biennial of Arts of Sao Paulo

 Dimien Hirst at Biennial of Arts of Sao Paulo


























Leaving Gagosian Gallery and unlocking my bike across the street to follow straight to the HSB Foundation, I couldn’t ignore to view Gagosian Gallery and Christie’s auction house side by side  and make a picture. The gallery and one of the most important action houses in the world movement billons of dollars in art. Coincidently on the window of Christie’s there was one poster of one of Henri Cartier Bresson that was sold for 433.000 euros, a world record for photography.

I follow to HCBFoundation and found one charming atelier that was building in 1912 by Molinie. The building was named “La Maison des Artistes” and won the best Prize for architecture in 1913.

My passion for HCB started in 2008 when I came first time to Paris and spent a lot of time at “Ile de La Cite” (actually, my favorite place in Paris). After while I discovered the epic picture of HCB over the Seinne river.

Last year, I studied photojournalism in Canada and I did my conclusion work about his biography.

The exhibition “ HCB and Paul Strand Mexico 1932-1934” show some pictures when both were photographing in the same period in Mexico, but with different perspectives. The American’s immobility with Frenchman’s fluidity. I really recommend this exhibition that is being shown until April 22.

Henri Cartie Bresson

Henri Cartie Bresson

Paul Strand

Paul Strand





















After this delightful visit to HCB Foundation I follow riding the charming neighborhood of Montmartre absorbing everything that I saw on this afternoon.

The sky was impressively beautiful in blue and pink.

I consider this afternoon very intriguing. Starting with Kidult manifest against luxury,  going to the peculiar world on billionaire galleries and action houses, ending with the power that photojournalism has to show us: Life exactly how it is.