Hi, I´m Fernanda Hinke, Brazilian, entrepreneur and pseudo-journalist, bike and street-art lover.

Graduated in Communication, I spent 10 years running a fashion business, eventually I got tired and I had a change of heart. In 2011, I left Brazil for a sabbatical year in Toronto, Canada. Once I got there I told myself I wanted a simpler and more enjoyable life. First thing: I got a bike as a present (lucky me!). Second thing: I entered two courses (introduction to philosophy and photo journalism). Third thing: I went discover my new home city. One day, while cycling on an alley, I got sight of so many colors and shapes I got mesmerized. It was graffiti. I fell in love with the urban art movement. My bike became a tool to be on the street and my best friend to start studying street art profoundly.

In 2012, I moved to Paris. When I arrived I had a back pack, a lot of nice memories, a flunk relationship and no money at all. I definitely needed a new beginning, but not any beginning I had learned things: my work and my existence should have somehow a positive influence to the world and mainly to people.

While working in the fashion world I used to sell dreams. I thought it was not fair. So I got all the knowledge I built the year before and decided to share it. In partnership with the blog Conexão Paris, we created bike and street art tours for Brazilians that come to discover Paris. I was back on my feet, or on my wheels. By seeing Paris and other cities around through bike and walking no go zones to discover fresh street-art, I started to help dreams come true.

All these people, colors and cyclic movements plus my agitated and excited personality brought new adventures to my life and I took the challenge. Recently I launched Go Bike Rio, a project of bike tours in Rio de Janeiro. Perfect. It was a way to escape the European hard winter and at the same time to be close to my roots, my country and people I love.

Biking and street art are two democratic ways to see the city not only in its hard concrete but also its nature and incognito places without the elitist aspect of art imposed by museums and art galleries. They are two subjects deeply connected which improve the quality of life and question the status quo. I believe that cycling, as a mean of transport or as a touristic and physical activity, bring people together. Besides, it’s a healthy and sustainable way of living.

My life on my bike is the result of a will to share these experiences.


My Life on My Bike goals:

- Recording biking and street art around the world

- Encouraging biking

- Searching knowledge and share information about biking and street art

- Publicizing biking and street art tours in France and Brazil

- Presenting  projects: The Canvas Project; videos and interviews with artists; community projects (coming soon)



  1. Elton
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 05:21:18

    Mary … Hello! I’m doing this project and I loved the way you see and experience the world through its new or old companion of two wheels, where his “engine” will take you to different places and charming, depending only on his willpower.
    Good luck and have a known “friend” who works with art and I think he lives in Barcelona. I’ll try to contact. A big kiss. Abcs pro THA, tb.

  2. Renata
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 19:36:10

    It’s unbelievable how street art can change the peoples’ lives only by showing a different view on your way to work. It brings you a new perception of the world around you. That’s a fascinating job collecting pictures of these amazing pieces of art. Congratulation!

  3. Ellen Herlihy
    May 27, 2012 @ 01:12:06

    It was lovely to chat with you last night while LMDLDZR’s work was in progress. Art always plants a seed for a thought process to begin its spin, and watching a process in progress, in the busy hive of vibrant Oberkampf, was a strangely meditative and calming, like a stark vision. Kudos to street artists who inspire us viewers, and kudos to you for being inspired to show the world their works.

  4. B
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 17:10:58

    looks like a cool blog here!

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