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Street Art Tour of Paris

Street Art Tour of Paris 3

Last week I joined the Street Art Tour at the Belleville neighborhood promoted by the a href=http://alternativeparis.org/Alternative Paris/a, commanded by the journalist and enthusiastic of the world of street art a href=http://alternativeparis.org/about-us/demian-smith/Demian Smith/a. In a grey Saturday morning, our group walked around 3 hours at this creativity atmosphere, surrounded by the Parisian architecture, to discover great works(…)

Mausolée: A Residence artistique in Paris

Mausolée: A Residence artistique in Paris 1

div div div div style=text-align: left; div div Last weekend an astonishing project called a href=http://mausolee.net/“Mausolée”/a was presented  by the French artists Sowat and Lek. In 2010 they found one abandoned supermarket ( 40.000 m2 in 4 floors) in the north of Paris, which was also, for a long time, the residence for homeless. The  abandoned(…)

The Glorious Flowers of the Netherlands!

The Glorious Flowers of the Netherlands! 0

To finish my series of The Netherlands I will tell you about the spectacular show that I experienced on the spring blossom. Narcises, hyacinths and the queen of them: The Tulips. Leaving Amsterdam to come back to Paris a wonderful stop close to the Keukenhof Park (30 km from Amsterdam) put myself and my friends in(…)

Inside Out: The True Colors by Lex Pott

Inside Out: The True Colors by Lex Pott 0

Still in Amsterdam, still in NSDM North I will continue to tell you about all the good things that I captured on that energized,  creative yet organic environment. Actually, those are words that I heard from the designer a href=http://lexpott.nl/Lex Pott/a. These abstract concepts are all inside all his work. The  young designer Lex Pott is graduated cum laude in 2009 at(…)

Graffitis in Amsterdam Noord.

Graffitis in Amsterdam Noord. 1

Continuing my series of articles about Amsterdam, I will show some graffiti’s that I saw in Amsterdam Noord. Invited by the product designer Lex Poot, who has a studio there ( I will talk about him in my next post) we left downtown Amsterdam and took for free, btw a boat toa href=http://ndsm.nl/ NDSM Werf./a(…)

I Amsterdam!

I Amsterdam! 0

Lest weekend I spent a great time in Amsterdam. Now inspired by the flowers (specially by the tulips), the amazing infrastructure to bike, coffee shops, creative people and a lot of street art, I will start a series of articles about the forbidden city. a href=http://mylifeonmybike.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/dscf33711.jpgimg class=alignleft size-large wp-image-875 title=DSCF3371 alt= src=http://mylifeonmybike.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/dscf33711.jpg?w=1024 width=1024 height=708 //a Maybe you(…)

Graffiti and Vintage Furniture from the streets.

Graffiti and Vintage Furniture from the streets. 0

To celebrate the first birthday of the a href=http://www.galerie-wallworks.com/Gallery Wallworks/a in Paris, one exhibition called strong“Ne Pas Effacer” – Do not delete/strong, with the participation of 19 street artists from United States, Singapore and France is running until May, 30. strongCrash, JonOne, Sonic (United States), Scope (Singapore), Alex, Ceet, Colorz, Der, Dizer, Fenx, Gilbert, Juan, Kongo,(…)

Global Warming by Daniel Krejbich

Global Warming by Daniel Krejbich 4

To close my series of 5 posts from Prague I will talk about the strong work from  the Czech artist a href=http://www.danielkrejbich.net/Daniel Krejbich/a. When I was at the underground a href=http://mylifeonmybike.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/prague-3-sub-culture/pub and gallery/a in Old Prague I saw some of the 30 canvas of his series called Global Warming. On that night, when I asked(…)

Fred Le Chavalier – First Vernissage

Fred Le Chavalier – First Vernissage 1

Yesterday, it was the first vernissage of one of my favourite street artists in Paris – a href=http://mylifeonmybike.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/fred-le-chavalier-knight-poet-of-the-streets/Fred Le Chavalier./a The event just confirmed the huge success that this so poetic artistic have been achieving. Less than one hour after the opening, all the pieces were sold and the guests were much more than predicted. It(…)

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