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Street art in Paris

Street art in Paris 2

While I am writing my last post about Prague, which I consider the most important, I decided to post some pictures that I have been collecting in those 3 months since I arrived in Paris. My first plan was to talk about each artist individually, but I just decided to show it as a collective because(…)

Nude women by Burki

Nude women by Burki 0

To continue my series of 5 posts from Prague I will present one other great surprise. In the old Prague at a href=http://www.gambitphoto.cz/Galerie Zlata Lilie/a I discovered the work of the photographer Milos Burkhardt, or just a href=http://www.burki.cz/Burki/a. He works with female nude on studio, exterior and movement.  On this  currently  exhibition he presents a project(…)

Prague 3 – Sub-Culture 

Prague 3 – Sub-Culture  1

I was trying to buy tickets to watch Mozart’s Opera, specially composed for Prague, the “Operas of Operas” a href=http://www.mozart.cz/Don Giovanni/a in 1787 presented by the traditional Marionettes, when I heard “unlucky” that the presentation for that night had been canceled. So I went for a walk around the old Prague waiting for the time(…)

Lennon Wall – The power of graffiti  

Lennon Wall – The power of graffiti   0

One common wall in Prague has been called “Lennon Wall” since the beginning of 80′s, when some people started to make graffitis with John Lennon’s images and parts of Beatles songs. Lennon was a hero for the pacifist youth of Central and Eastern Europe during the totalitarian regime . Before 1989, when the government was communist, western pop music was forbidden(…)



This week I had the pleasure to visit Prague, capital of the old bohemian region, now Czech Republic. That Prague is a wonderful city is nothing new. But I take the risk to say that it was the most beautiful city I have ever been. It is not a coincidence that several romancers had chosen(…)

59 Rivoli - An Artistic Revolution

59 Rivoli - An Artistic Revolution 0

A liberal space where artists show their work and share their lives. This is the a href=http://www.59rivoli.org/59 Rivoli/a. a href=http://mylifeonmybike.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/793px-squat_c3a0_paris_59_rue_de_rivoli_1er_ardt.jpgimg class=alignleft size-full wp-image-511 title=793px-Squat_à_Paris_(59,_rue_de_Rivoli,_1er_ardt) alt= src=http://mylifeonmybike.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/793px-squat_c3a0_paris_59_rue_de_rivoli_1er_ardt.jpg width=584 height=441 //a Located at the heart of Paris, a 6-storey building, with free entry that hosts 30 artists of different forms of artistic expression, cultural events and concerts on weekends. The true democratization of art, 59 Rue de Rivolli is ranked the third in Paris to receive the highest number of visitors to contemporary art. It all started with a simple formula: great intentions, will power and a lot of courage. That is what, in 1999, a trio(…)

Paris – NY – Rio

Paris – NY – Rio 0

nbsp; A new exhibition called “Dans les rues de Paris, New York, Rio” is running until February 25 at a href=http://www.artpartnergalerie.com/index2.htmGalerie Brugier-Rigail/a with the artists a href=http://www.quiknyc.com/Quik/a (NY), Parisians a href=http://www.missticinparis.com/Miss. Tic/a, a href=http://www.pradel-fraysse.org/Site/accueil.htmlPradel-Fraysse /aand a href=http://speedygraphito.free.fr/Speed Graphito/a and the talented Brazilian a href=http://www.fotolog.com/smael13/74280626/Smael/a from Rio de Janeiro. There, 50 signed serigraphs, numbered and made by the hands of the poetic artist Miss. Tic, are sold for 380 euros(…)

Monjul – Inventive cuisine

Monjul – Inventive cuisine 1

div Imagine to be surprised by one discrete restaurant on the heart of Paris. Inventive culinary presenting each plate as a masterpiece. This how Chef Agobert Juliano carefully creates at the a href=http://www.monjul.com/restaurant Monjul/a on Le Marais. With 19 years of experience in palaces, castles, small provinces and abroad, this audacious chef really knows about the French cooking. With(…)

Jon Burgerman and his dainties

Jon Burgerman and his dainties 0

He is an urban artist, designer, illustrator and entrepreneur. His work can be  seen globally, from gallery and bedroom walls to cinema and iPhone screens. a href=http://jonburgerman.com/Jon Burgerman /aart is instantly recognizable, combining fluid and lyrical lines, with distorted character forms and radiant pop color schemes. He also works along side with contemporary artists including Banksy,(…)

Elicser – A sharp talented Canadian street artist

Elicser – A sharp talented Canadian street artist 0

One of the artists that was responsible to make me fall in love for street art was the Canadian a href=//www.elicser.com/Elicser/a. I saw his work for the first time at a href=http://www.harlemrestaurant.com/Harlen restaurant/a downtown Toronto and, hence to his very particular trace, I was super able to recognize his work spread on the streets. A popular(…)

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