In Milan street-art saved my Life

In Milan street-art saved my Life 1

Last April, I  flew from Paris to Milan during the time of the most important design art fair in the world, “Milano Salone”, an important fair that was launched in 1961 and hosted almost 3,000 exhibitors this year including big companies and young designers. In general, Milan is well-known all over the world for the fashion(…)

São Paulo bike tour – a great way to get to know the city

São Paulo bike tour – a great way to get to know the city 0

Until some years ago, it was quite impossible to think about riding a bike in São Paulo, a city with a chaotic traffic. But things have been changing over the past years and São Paulo, that is the fourth largest urban agglomeration in the world, and has 7 million cars on the streets, nowadays can(…)

The Glorious Flowers of the Netherlands!

The Glorious Flowers of the Netherlands! 0

To finish my series of The Netherlands I will tell you about the spectacular show that I experienced on the spring blossom. Narcises, hyacinths and the queen of them: The Tulips. Leaving Amsterdam to come back to Paris a wonderful stop close to the Keukenhof Park (30 km from Amsterdam) put myself and my friends in(…)

Inside Out: The True Colors by Lex Pott

Inside Out: The True Colors by Lex Pott 0

Still in Amsterdam, still in NSDM North I will continue to tell you about all the good things that I captured on that energized,  creative yet organic environment. Actually, those are words that I heard from the designer Lex Pott. These abstract concepts are all inside all his work. The  young designer Lex Pott is graduated cum laude in 2009 at the(…)

I Amsterdam!

I Amsterdam! 0

Lest weekend I spent a great time in Amsterdam. Now inspired by the flowers (specially by the tulips), the amazing infrastructure to bike, coffee shops, creative people and a lot of street art, I will start a series of articles about the forbidden city. Maybe you can think that I am exaggerating to say that a city(…)

Prague 3 – Sub-Culture 

Prague 3 – Sub-Culture  1

I was trying to buy tickets to watch Mozart’s Opera, specially composed for Prague, the “Operas of Operas” Don Giovanni in 1787 presented by the traditional Marionettes, when I heard “unlucky” that the presentation for that night had been canceled. So I went for a walk around the old Prague waiting for the time to(…)



This week I had the pleasure to visit Prague, capital of the old bohemian region, now Czech Republic. That Prague is a wonderful city is nothing new. But I take the risk to say that it was the most beautiful city I have ever been. It is not a coincidence that several romancers had chosen(…)

Monjul – Inventive cuisine

Monjul – Inventive cuisine 1

Imagine to be surprised by one discrete restaurant on the heart of Paris. Inventive culinary presenting each plate as a masterpiece. This how Chef Agobert Juliano carefully creates at the restaurant Monjul on Le Marais. With 19 years of experience in palaces, castles, small provinces and abroad, this audacious chef really knows about the French cooking. With affordable prices(…)