Food experience in Paris from abroad

One thing that I love in Paris is the multiculturalism. I use to live in Toronto last year and I had multicultural experience as I am having in Paris. In Canada, I knew people from more that 40 different nationalities and also tried  their foods. Paris has one of the best foods and chefs in the world but, because it’s a mix of people, here you can also find really good and affordable restaurants from abroad.

I tried 2 special ones: Japanese (not sushi) restaurant and one Tibetan. With environments completely different, both were a whole experience. That for me, means to have a good food, service, decor and music.

The Tibetan YAK (in the third arrondissement)  is a peaceful place with a sweet staff from Tibet. A great selection of pictures  from their country on the wall and  Buddhist  references, you can take a sit in front of the Offerings ritual (a traditional way to pray and meditate on Buddhism philosophy) and also contemplate all aspects of the atmosphere, with furniture and also very calm music. The silverware that presents us the food is so delicate, like a “grandmother house” with this so positive energy, of course the food was really delicious.

The Japanese one calls KUNITORAYA   it’s in the first arrondissement, they have 3 units (1 Japan and 2 in Paris). Relaxed ambient, where you have a sit and watch they cook your food. The place is small, but they have also a little wine rack downstairs, classic music was playing and all the cool Japanese staff was really friendly. And the food, great visual surprise and taste combination.

All pictures by Maria Fernanda