Graffiti and Vintage Furniture from the streets.

To celebrate the first birthday of the Gallery Wallworks in Paris, one exhibition called “Ne Pas Effacer” – Do not delete, with the participation of 19 street artists from United States, Singapore and France is running until May, 30.

Crash, JonOne, Sonic (United States), Scope (Singapore), Alex, Ceet, Colorz, Der, Dizer, Fenx, Gilbert, Juan, Kongo, Lazoo, Nebay, Oeno, Poes, Rest and Tilt (France), present us the graffiti inside the gallery, but not on the traditional canvas, however in a vintage furniture from the streets – Traffic signs, subway maps, phone boxes, enamelled plates of subway stations, banks and the subway doors, fire alarm, signals, signs and bus stops, mailboxes, etc.. –

One of the pieces that kept my attention was a seat of the first class from the old metro in Paris made by the artist Kongo. He recently did one series of 8 stamps of their famous scarves on request of the luxury brand Herme.

The talent of those, mostly old school, artists is perceived clearly on this furniture that gave birth to their creativity. When observing a work of art from a street artist, not in a traditional medium, but on the real scenery where the art happened, we realized that street art is not always about the subject, but yet about the perspective where it  comes from.

All pictures above by Maria Fernanda

Old metro seat  by Kongo