Imaginary Museum – Ephemeral Artistic Residence

Some artists of the collectives 1984 of street artist in Paris have chosen the day of the presidential election to invade an abandoned building in downtown Paris and present us the Imaginary Museum.

12 artists worked for 12 hours overnight in a complete illegal way. The abandoned building owned by  the electricity company EDF was invaded on the night of Saturday May 05 and opened for the public on Sunday 06, just for one day.

With the proposal of transforming the negative and abandoned part of the city in a place to display art work. An collaborative public including children and seniors accepted to use manholes to access the building. By the time the guards who were posted outside realized that the  Imaginary Museum was already in full effect, it was to late and there was nothing to be done. As predicted by the organizers, the police didn’t show up once they were busy during the election day.

Cakes and quiches were offered to the visitants by donation, in a so lovely way, confirming the good intention of the artists who were there in the name of true street art.

While there, in company with Demian Smith of Street Art Paris, we  use the opportunity to make a video and register the process and result that were so shortly available to the public.