Jef Aerosol – He Rocks!

The pioneer of street art in France, Jef Aerosol,,  had his first stencil dated on the beginning of the 80′s.

Sometimes called “The French Banksy” he already got his work printed in the wall of several cities around the globe.

His favorite subject is to paint  portraits of his heroes, cultural icons such as Hendrix, Bowie, Basquiat, Dylan and Warhol as well as anonymous people, street musicians, homeless and children.

Just like the best photographers, he is able to capture the truth in one instant and reveal its universality.

Jef Aerosol stencils are in black, gray and white, always with his trademark,  the red arrow.

If you are in Paris it is worth to check on an exhibition with some of his work at Musse en Herbe until January 29th.

Centre de Pompidou, Paris

Gandhi, Gallery Moretti & Moretti, Paris

Child, Gallery Moretti & Moretti, Paris

Bob Dylan, Musse en Herbe, Paris

Jean Michel Basquiat, Musse en Herbe, Paris

Andy Warhol, Musse en Herbe, Paris

All pictures by Maria Fernanda