Champagne Cycle-Trip

Champagne Cycle-Trip 0

p data-contextual-spacing=truePleasure and Pain represent as twins, since there never is one without the other; and as if they were united back to back, since they are contrary to each other.  Leonardo da Vinci./p p id=E227 data-contextual-spacing=trueAfter the experience of traveling by bike alone and then in a duo, it was time to ride with(…)

Bourgogne Cycle-Trip

Bourgogne Cycle-Trip 0

p data-contextual-spacing=true/p p id=E19 data-contextual-spacing=trueAfter traveling alone in the Loire Valley during the nuanced and exciting autumn of 2013, this year I ventured by the Region of Burgogne and Champagne./p p id=E23 data-contextual-spacing=trueExploring cycle routes in France is becoming a kind of passion driven by duty./p p id=E27 data-contextual-spacing=trueAt the end of last summer, accompanied(…)

3rd Street-art jam section – Surfrider Foundation

3rd Street-art jam section – Surfrider Foundation 0

div dir=ltr/div div dir=ltrb/bstrongProject turns one year old, with a new stage in Portugal./strong/div div dir=ltr/div div dir=ltr/div div dir=ltrAfter Paris and Rio de Janeiro,  a href= – the event organizer – is preparing another creative and collaborative afternoon on behalf of our oceans. The third stage of the Project Street-Art Jam Section – a(…)

Meeting artists at the Favela in Rio de Janeiro

Meeting artists at the Favela in Rio de Janeiro 0

January 31st, 2013, last day of a busy year and an acid desire that my 2014 started with the energy of the sea. Rio de Janeiro, the wonderful city and with a thousand charms, welcomed me with open arms on a bright sunny day with the blue sky color of the sea. It was at(…)

My Life on Videos – Retrospective of 2013

My Life on Videos – Retrospective of 2013 0

p dir=ltr
Last year, to retrospect 2012, I made ​​a selection among more than 600 images of street art that I had photographed in Paris during that year (see article a href= p dir=ltr2012 was my first year living in Paris and I was taken by a certain discipline to photograph each art-work I found on(…)

Autumn in The Loire Valley

Autumn in The Loire Valley 0

- Brief Passage  (passage originally written in Portuguese) p dir=ltrThe summer went away, barely bringing warmth and joy, the summer went away, without looking back, let the doors open for melancholy and sadness to settle./p p dir=ltrAutumn has arrived, temporary as expected, surprised the heart with hope and affection and let the sadness drain away./p(…)

Eduardo Kobra – video portrait

Eduardo Kobra – video portrait 0

p id=E71While visiting Brazil, early this year, I got the chance to interview the muralist and street-artist a href= Kobra/a at his new studio at Vila Madalena. Kobra is one of the brazilian artist, who is transforming the under-construction and gray city of Sao Paulo in a more colourful and vibrant place to live./p p(…)

Midnight in Paris by bike

Midnight in Paris by bike 0

div id=E-7 p id=E70Today I won’t talk about street-art. Ops, I mean, not about street-art in the concept of urban art, illegal and transgressor. However, if we can expound the world in the literary sense (art on the street), yes, we can consider this post related to street-art. After all, Paris is art in each(…)

Once upon a time Paris was blue…

Once upon a time Paris was blue… 0

nbsp; Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true” - Lyman Frank Baum August, 21supst/sup 2013. Sunny and bright day. At different hours, a href= href= members and artists start to arrive in Paris. Vienna at 4pm, Frankfurt at 9pm, Stuttgart at 11pm and Hossegor at midnight. Beside the team who was already in Paris, we all(…)

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