Brazilian, marketing consultant and businesswoman with 10 years of experience in photography and fashion. In 2011 I lived in Toronto , Canada where I proposed  to live a sabbatical year and discovery (or rediscovery) what really filled my soul. Bike, art and Buddhism where the most important things. Now, living in Paris I put in practice an old dream to be a blogger and talk about everything  that I can see, live and feel when I’m on my bike exploring places wherever I am. Street art have been my biggest passion, I love the idea that the street can be a huge open sky museum, changing the urban scenario and the perception  of people who pass by, that is why street art will take a huge part of this project with the intuit to spread and document this positive action that I believe can change the world.

I use to be  a contributor editor for Underground Paris Organization, where you can find many articles I wrote during 2012 and 2013.

Nowadays I’m contributing for the Brazilian Organizations Conexão CulturalConexão Paris and Meia-Noite em Paris.

 Fernanda Hinke 

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