Art of  Bustart: Paris – Amsterdam  

Art of  Bustart: Paris – Amsterdam   0

During the year of 2012 I travelled several times between Paris and Amsterdam.  Because of my huge passion for street art and biking, those two cities attract me as a perfect alchemy. On my first trip to the Dutch capital,  a city well  known for its liberal way of thinking, I discovered a painting on a empty lot that caught my attention. A huge stencil of a monkey, quite screaming,(…)

Inside Out: The True Colors by Lex Pott

Inside Out: The True Colors by Lex Pott 0

Still in Amsterdam, still in NSDM North I will continue to tell you about all the good things that I captured on that energized,  creative yet organic environment. Actually, those are words that I heard from the designer Lex Pott. These abstract concepts are all inside all his work. The  young designer Lex Pott is graduated cum laude in 2009 at the(…)

Graffitis in Amsterdam Noord.

Graffitis in Amsterdam Noord. 1

Continuing my series of articles about Amsterdam, I will show some graffiti’s that I saw in Amsterdam Noord. Invited by the product designer Lex Poot, who has a studio there ( I will talk about him in my next post) we left downtown Amsterdam and took for free, btw a boat to NDSM Werf. The(…)

I Amsterdam!

I Amsterdam! 0

Lest weekend I spent a great time in Amsterdam. Now inspired by the flowers (specially by the tulips), the amazing infrastructure to bike, coffee shops, creative people and a lot of street art, I will start a series of articles about the forbidden city. Maybe you can think that I am exaggerating to say that a city(…)