Dasein Projekt  x Paris Zona Libre  

Dasein Projekt  x Paris Zona Libre   0

Continuing the “Invasion Berlinoise” in Paris, last Saturday I joined the opening of the installation – Dasein Projekt x Paris Zona Libre. The second exhibition of the project Paris Zona Libre happening now at the Gallery Frichez Nous La Paix on Belleville neighbourhood. After the exhibition of the itinerant Gallery Open Walls with some well known artists of the street(…)

Great street art exhibition in Paris

Great street art exhibition in Paris 1

This week I visited two galleries to see Street Art “on canvas’. This is one great thing about this cosmopolitan city, in Paris there are so many cultural and artistic things happening for all kind of tastes. Normally, Wednesday to Friday are the official days for the vernissages. Yesterday I went to see the opening of the(…)

Graffiti and Vintage Furniture from the streets.

Graffiti and Vintage Furniture from the streets. 0

To celebrate the first birthday of the Gallery Wallworks in Paris, one exhibition called “Ne Pas Effacer” – Do not delete, with the participation of 19 street artists from United States, Singapore and France is running until May, 30. Crash, JonOne, Sonic (United States), Scope (Singapore), Alex, Ceet, Colorz, Der, Dizer, Fenx, Gilbert, Juan, Kongo, Lazoo,(…)

Nude women by Burki

Nude women by Burki 0

To continue my series of 5 posts from Prague I will present one other great surprise. In the old Prague at Galerie Zlata Lilie I discovered the work of the photographer Milos Burkhardt, or just Burki. He works with female nude on studio, exterior and movement.  On this  currently  exhibition he presents a project –  Woman(…)