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Jace at Le M.U.R – Art and Meditation

Jace at Le M.U.R – Art and Meditation 0

It’s quite strange to say that it is possible to feel in a meditative state at the vibrant Rue Oberkampf in Paris. Specially when it’s a Printemps afternoon, and feeling like weekend time. But yes, yesterday I felt in a meditative state watching Jace’s performance at Le M.U.R. It’s always a beautiful present to watch the(…)

Imaginary Museum – Ephemeral Artistic Residence

Imaginary Museum – Ephemeral Artistic Residence 3

Some artists of the collectives 1984 of street artist in Paris have chosen the day of the presidential election to invade an abandoned building in downtown Paris and present us the Imaginary Museum. 12 artists worked for 12 hours overnight in a complete illegal way. The abandoned building owned by  the electricity company EDF was invaded(…)

Street art in Paris

Street art in Paris 2

While I am writing my last post about Prague, which I consider the most important, I decided to post some pictures that I have been collecting in those 3 months since I arrived in Paris. My first plan was to talk about each artist individually, but I just decided to show it as a collective because(…)