Space Invader – The world has been invaded!!!

Space Invader – The world has been invaded!!! 1

Mixing traditional mosaics with Atari pixels, Space Invader, or simply Invader,, created characters  inspired by the game that, since 1998, have been literally invaded the walls of Paris and the globe. As a joke, Invader does not reveal his real name and identity. He defends the idea that there is too much advertisement on the streets and(…)

Jef Aerosol – He Rocks!

Jef Aerosol – He Rocks! 0

The pioneer of street art in France, Jef Aerosol,,  had his first stencil dated on the beginning of the 80′s. Sometimes called “The French Banksy” he already got his work printed in the wall of several cities around the globe. His favorite subject is to paint  portraits of his heroes, cultural icons such as Hendrix,(…)