Street art

Zezão – Street art and noble heart

Zezão – Street art and noble heart 0

While visiting Brazil recently, I got the opportunity to interview the graffitist, plastic artist and photographer Zezão. Emergent from the third generation of graffitists in Brazil, Zezão, 41 years old, started to do graffiti in 1995. In 2003, Zezão was discovered in Brazil after posting pictures on Internet of his work on the underground sewer(…)

Bonom at Le M.U.R XIII

Bonom at Le M.U.R XIII 3

For the inauguration of the second Le M.U.R wall in Paris at the thirteen arrondissement, the association invited the Belgian artist BONOM to do a live performance last Wednesday in front of the Senna River. As I’ve written here before, the famous Le M.U.R  at Rue Oberkampf  has been presenting live artistic performances every 15 days, promoting(…)

Shepard Fairey video interview in Paris

Shepard Fairey video interview in Paris 6

As contributors to Street Art Paris, last Thursday Demian Smith and I, we had the opportunity to interview one of the most famous street artists in the world, currently: Shepard Fairey. It’s a tremendous responsibility to interview an artist like him, who is also involved with business and politics. But yes, working as a journalist of street art(…)

Dasein Projekt  x Paris Zona Libre  

Dasein Projekt  x Paris Zona Libre   0

Continuing the “Invasion Berlinoise” in Paris, last Saturday I joined the opening of the installation – Dasein Projekt x Paris Zona Libre. The second exhibition of the project Paris Zona Libre happening now at the Gallery Frichez Nous La Paix on Belleville neighbourhood. After the exhibition of the itinerant Gallery Open Walls with some well known artists of the street(…)

Fred Le Chevalier – Interview

Fred Le Chevalier – Interview 5

It’s Friday, 7.15pm, a beautiful and sunny afternoon. I have an appointment with the street artist Fred Le Chevalier in front of Le Canal Saint Martin in Paris. Wow, I’m nervous, I will interview him for my blog and also as a guest for a post on the Street Art Paris Organization. It’s not a(…)

I Amsterdam!

I Amsterdam! 0

Lest weekend I spent a great time in Amsterdam. Now inspired by the flowers (specially by the tulips), the amazing infrastructure to bike, coffee shops, creative people and a lot of street art, I will start a series of articles about the forbidden city. Maybe you can think that I am exaggerating to say that a city(…)

Graffiti and Vintage Furniture from the streets.

Graffiti and Vintage Furniture from the streets. 0

To celebrate the first birthday of the Gallery Wallworks in Paris, one exhibition called “Ne Pas Effacer” – Do not delete, with the participation of 19 street artists from United States, Singapore and France is running until May, 30. Crash, JonOne, Sonic (United States), Scope (Singapore), Alex, Ceet, Colorz, Der, Dizer, Fenx, Gilbert, Juan, Kongo, Lazoo,(…)