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I know I’ve been quite away from this blog, but all this is for a good reason and I want to share it here with you! This blog was born in 2011 and since then I could talk about my passions: bike & street art. It has been many years of dedication in investigating these themes, many cycle-trips, many interviews with urban artists and enriching personal experiences.

In 2013 bike & street art spontaneously turned into my work. Since then, I create, organize and guide tours in France for Brazilians and anglophone tourists. My most famous tours are directly linked to the theme of this blog.

Midnight in Paris by Bike, for example, is a bike tour that happens late at night in Paris, when the city is empty and presenting a show of lights. In addition, we pass by more than 15 classic monuments – the climax is when we make a toast with champagne exactly at midnight under the Eiffel Tower.

We also have a bike tour named Paris East by Bike,  a tour where we can also enjoy the urban art scene in Paris, and the Paris of the Parisiens, places that aren’t at all touristic. Since then, thousands of  tourists have already taken this tours with me and my team.

This blog was the base of everything, I believed (yes, I believe that dream is destiny) and I dedicated myself a lot to transform my passions into my profession and for that reason I ended up dedicating myself to other projects, so that is why I was absent from this channel.  I wanted to invite you to meet me at my English version site, Go Bike Paris, that is about cool tours in Paris. And I’d like to invite you to take some time to read our manifest too.

If you are traveling to Paris: bienvenue! We’re here to take you to incredible experiences!

Fernanda Hinke