Viviane Mendes – A Spiritual and Creative Artist

When  I was living in Canada last year and planning my vacations in Brazil, one artist didn’t get out of my head. I’m talking about Viviane Mendes,  an artist with a  very peculiar work, who lives and work on charming atelier in my hometown Bauru, 300km from Sao Paulo. With the blog project in mind I whent visit her. After all I was always a fan of her work and I have a pleasure of being presented by one of her works.

Viviane in her house and also her studio.

To my pleasant surprise, Viviane told me that she has been thinking a lot about myself  as well and together we conclude that the universe has moved its energy to connect us in that moment. What a beautiful connection, a divine gift for me.

Viviane thought about me because she wanted shot my canvas and her work for a noble cause. In love for animals especially for cats, Viviane painted her 3 favorites cats Titico, Catatau and Ze Bonitinho. With photo in high quality, Viviane could reproduced this work in digital impression and donate it to an association of abandoned animals that could auction it then and raise funds, so it was done.

Titico, Catatau and Ze Bonitinho

Graduated in law school and self-taught artist, Viviane is adepted to look for alternative materials such as a corks, reels, fabrics,  and other elements that are usually discarded, but by using her creativity make a contribution to the identity of her work. Her creations instigate the conscientization of the harmonic sustainability of the universe. It is very irreverent and colorful work, transmitting much silence, free from fear or anxiety.

Audacious and without parameters of right or wrong, which allows great freedom to create an purple elephant with yellows balls, for example.

In love for Osho and Carla Camurati, she describes her life as an huge leisure “ Working, sweeping, cooking, washing clothes and sleep early” she comments with satisfaction. Vegeterian for more than 10 years, Viviane is a person of few persons, in order to keep herself concentrated and focused on the quality of her work.

With a life marked with losses, she believes strongly that there is a value on suffering that helps us to become better selves.

“ I paint life celebrating the beauty that world has to offer.”

All pictures by  Carlos Hinke -